The Top 5 Best Selling Pre-Workouts

From non-stim pre-workout to the ultimate caffeine spike, the market for pre-workout might have you asking, which pre-workout should I even take?

Not to worry. We’ve broken it down for you below, in the order of our top 5 best selling pre-workouts!


#5 – Hydraulic by Axe & Sledge


Hydraulic is a non-stim pre-workout from Axe & Sledge that gives you skin tearing pumps and focus by increasing blood flow, enhancing mind-to-muscle connection, and improving your overall work capacity.

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It contains 5 key ingredients that allows you to FEEL the pre-workout, without feeling it (if that makes sense).


If non-stim pre-workout is what you’re looking for, Hydraulic is a great option for you!


#4 – Endura-formance by 1st Phorm


Another stim-free preworkout, Endura-formance from 1st Phorm is designed to be taken day or night and give you the energy to complete any kind of workout.

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It contains 7 key ingredients to give you the energy needed without the caffeine:

  • PEAK 02
  • S7 BLEND

The versatility of Endura-formance allows you to combine this product with other pre-workout products as well, to double down on your performance.

If you’re looking to increase muscle performance, stamina, and get a more explosive workout, this might be the pre-workout for you!


#3 – Woke AF by Bucked Up Supplements


Woke AF does exactly that, wakes you UP! This high-stim pre-workout from Bucked Up gives you a great pump, intense focus, and explosive energy throughout your workout.

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It contains 3 different stimulants: 


This combination of stimulants is made specifically to blast you off, give you long-lasting energy to sustain your entire workout, and prevents a hard crash afterwards. 

If high-stim pre-workout is what you’re looking for, Woke AF could be a great option for you.


#2 – Stage One by Clean Victory Supplements


Another best selling medium-stim pre-workout is Stage One from Clean Victory.  Stage One is an all-in-one boost for your morning or afternoon workout, Stage One gives you the mental focus, energy, endurance, blood flow and pump.

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It contains 3 different stimulants:


It is not just a concentrated stimulant based pre-workout, this is a true all-in-one pre-workout product. 

Stage One is recommended for serious athletes or gym goers who expect to perform at the highest level of readiness during their training sessions.


#1 – Medium-Stim Pre by Modern Warrior


Our number one best selling pre-workout comes from none other than Modern Warrior, due to the laser focus and energy it gives you that lasts your whole workout session.

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Modern Warrior’s Medium Stim pre-workout gives you an effective dose of the following ingredients:


If you’re looking for that sweet spot of energy without the jitters, Modern Warrior’s Medium Stim pre-workout is your go-to! 


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