Peak Core Values

If you’re reading this, you know why core values matter. If you’re a customer of Peak you understand how this practice could improve where you work today.

We will Raise The Standard of what it means to be a business here in Arizona. Our values inform every decision we make. We never cut corners. We never take the easy path.

We practice these 6 core values, every day. And we offer these to you, maybe they could help improve whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. 

Have Humility

Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less. You must know there is always more to learn but don’t forget to be confident in what you’ve done. Being cocky or insecure will lead to inadequate results, we strive for quiet confidence. 

Lead Daily

Leadership is not a position. It’s an action each and everyone one of us takes every moment of everyday. Every position on a team must commit to active leadership. In the military this is called decentralized command. Higher ups may create the plan but the solider breaking down doors is in charge once the boots hit the ground.

Be Hungry

Growth comes from hunger. Literally and figuratively. You must have the drive to want more. Where ever you’re at now, will not do. You must have the passion to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and strive for excellence.

Practice Discipline

Most people seek motivation to get work done and motivation is needed from time to time. But a disciplined person doesn’t wait for external motivation. They have an internal mechanism and that is disciple. They don’t wake up search for motivation to go to the gym. They get up and go to the gym because they are the kind of person that gets things done.  

Stay Happy

This sounds simple but is severely important. If you’re not happy doing what you do, you will eventually stop. And by happy we don’t mean easy. Happiness should come from meaning. And we can only find meaning in growth. There will be tough times but it’s to build a happy life. You should show up every day, happy to be here, happy to help.

Commit Completely

Lastly commitment, all of the values above only work if you commit with every inch of your being. Any hesitation will result in no result. Having the confidence to completely commit is required to win. So many people start something and go half in. Then wonder why it didn’t work. It doesn’t matter if its your relationship, your work or your family. Full commitment is required to be the best. 

Peak Nutrition Purpose For Existence

We are a business, of course we want to make money. Of course we want to grow. But that isn’t WHY we do what we do. That is a natural outcome of the process. The purpose for our existence is to get people to their fitness goals. That’s it. Nothing fancy. No over the top BS. It’s all about you. Every decision we make is focused on getting you results. 

What steps do we take to live this? 

We give every employee health insurance. We don’t need our team stressing out about doctor costs and paying for life saving medicine. We need them focused on you and your results.

We match top dollar for 401k plans. We want our employees to make full careers out of working here. This is not a temp job. This is a life long career. Again so they can become the best at what they do. And help as many people as possible. 

We send employees to leadership development courses. If they have proven they can help people get to their goals effectively, we want to pay them to learn how to lead others. Allowing us to help as many people as possible. 

All of these things we do are really to accomplish one thing. GET PEOPLE RESULTS.