Testosterone, Estrogen And Muscle Gain

What Are Testosterone and Estrogen?


This is a topic with a lot of nuance. So first I ask you to throw out all your preconceived notions. Come into this blog wanting to learn. And with that lets talk about the most controversial topic in fitness.

Briefly, what are testosterone and estrogen? They are sex hormones, along with numerous other sex hormones, Dihydratestosterone, estradial… etc. These hormones signal to the body a myriad of different things. They basically make the differences between men and women. Size, height, sex organs, hair, voice, and a million other processes.

Men and women have both estrogen and testosterone, and we produce them to some degree our entire life. But if you’re reading this, you are interested in how it’s changed over time. And here’s the truth, you are on a never-ending path towards deterioration. As we age, we slowly fall about. The technical term there is entropy. The slow inevitable decline to disorder. Ok now that we got all that depressing shit out of the way. There is a lot we can actually do to help.

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Testosterone Categories


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Let’s talk about the three different categories that can help our hormones. First, we have all natural products that can help increase testosterone. Now there are a lot of products out there that claim to increase testosterone. And let me be very clear, most of these are complete bullshit. There is no natural testosterone booster that is going to increase your testosterone by 238% in 2 weeks! And I promise you if it did, the name of the product would not be “test-robo-boner-9000 Lighting rod version 2.8”. 

Leave the gas station male enhancement pills right there on the counter. What I’m talking about is a distinct class of micronutrients that if taken over a 2-3 month time period could increase your natural testosterone by 10-15%. And although that doesn’t seem like much its actually quite powerful. And what’s really nice is you don’t have to worry about any nasty side effects.

Secondly, we have steroids. Yes, anabolic steroids. Now let me say I would never recommend buying illegal steroids. This is an incredibly dumb idea. First you don’t even know if what you’re buying is real. Secondly, even if it is real, you don’t know what the dose is in that bottle. What I mean is you could be so deficient in your sex hormones that you need to see a doctor and get a prescription. A lot of men and women do this. It’s safe and effective. This can really change your life, but it does need to be done under medical supervision and its expensive. Lastly, like any medication there is a potential for side effects. Imagine this just like birth control. It’s safe and effective but there are always going to be some side effects for some people.

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Testosterone Accelerators


Lastly are accelerators, these are a narrow band of supplements that are not natural but also are not steroids. They are somewhere in between. If you want to see dramatic results but you’re not ready to put a needle in your butt this is a very helpful step. What these do are take your own natural testosterone and allow your body to use it more effectively.

How it does this is very simple; your testosterone has to bind to receptors to work. These accelerators make your receptors do a much better job and attach to your testosterone and get all the benefits. Increased muscle mass, increased recovery rate, decreased body fat, more red blood cells and better usage of the protein you consume. That last one is really key. How good of a job your body does of turning protein you eat into lean muscle mass is really what being strong is all about.

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