Reaching Your Physical Potential

Reaching Your Physical Potential


This ideal person I’m talking about is actually a deep psychological trait that we all have. And it has a reason. It makes us feel good about ourselves. It gives our life a story. We came from this dark place and made us the person we are today. Now the deeper problem here is that this person we have made up in our mind, isn’t actually real. None of us are really superheroes. Very few of us come from deep dark places and are now this ultimate super person.

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Physically Better, Mentally Better


Even now, in your head you’re disagreeing with me about not knowing your struggles and all you’ve accomplished. And I am very proud of you for all you’ve accomplished but none of us have reached our true potential. We’ve always got more to give. More to achieve. More to grow.

I can’t personally help with the emotional or spiritual side of things. That is not my area of expertise. But on the physical side, I can change you into something you never imagined you could ever be. But it’ll take work.

One thing I’ve learned over time is that those emotional battles we all struggle with, they are a lot easier when we are physically peaking. Almost every struggle with anxiety and depression comes from insecurity. And although being in physically great shape will never fix all your issues. It gives you a level of confidence that nothing else can.

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Knowing Your Physical Potential


When you have struggled, push past boundaries, and come out on the other side stronger. All of a sudden you start realizing, holy shit, I can do anything. When you have numerous tasks ahead of you, you can rationalize, damn I’ve done more than this. It gives you the confidence to say that thing you’ve always wanted to, to go to that place you’ve always wanted to, to confront that obstacle you’ve always wanted to.

Enough of what it will do for you, how the hell do you really get started becoming your inner superhero? You must have humility and accept honesty. You must be real about where you currently are. And then be realistic about what you have to do.

At Peak Nutrition we have this amazing little machine called an Inbody. And without a doubt it is the most powerful tool at our disposal. It’s a reality check, that lets you know exactly how much muscle mass, how much body fat, how much water retention you have. After you learn where you really are, you can make a plan. This machine can tell you exactly how many calories you need to eat. Exactly how much protein. Exactly what steps you need to take to pull yourself up and get going.

How many people I’ve seen begrudgingly get on this machine then 6 weeks later feel like a completely different person, is innumerable. Quite literally thousands of people have transformed themselves by just getting that basic information. And it’s not just the information, it’s the certified nutritionist at Peak that is able to interpret this information for you. Ask you questions about what you’re currently doing and give you an objective plan about what you need to do.

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Tracking Your Physical Potential


Then we can start taking action to be that superhero in our minds. In your head, I know you have said to yourself, man if I hit the gym for like two months and ate clean, I’d look like “fill in the blank”. But you know what, those two months have come and gone hundreds of times. Stop wasting your time and find out exactly what you need to do, to be the very best version of you.

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