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Hi, this is James Stratman, commonly known as the Viking on social media. I wanted to take this opportunity to genuinely thank you for supporting a local business. 

We have accomplished a lot in the last year. And it is completely because of you. I want to share with you some of the things we are now doing for our employees that will change the course of how businesses are ran here in Arizona. 


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First, we have always hired young fitness minded individuals. People passionate about health and helping others. With this comes a lot of 18-25 year old men and women. They are almost never college educated, so it is my job to take these passionate people and educate them properly.  

I pay for every single employee to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a NASM Certified Nutritionist. This puts our team way ahead of the competition on multiple levels. Any questions our customers have they know they are getting the best possible help. Also, it allows our employees to grow in this area as genuine experts. Even if years from now they decide to go down a different career path, they have learned the skills to succeed.

Secondly, being the only retail supplement store that pays for health insurance and match 401k plans puts us in another field. Primarily because it’s the right damn thing to do. There is another reason, it will be the beginning of companies knowing they no longer can treat their employees like widgets. They are humans and deserve the ability to be healthy and save for their future.

I want to Raise the Standard of what it means to be a company in Arizona. I don’t believe there should be a law mandating these things. But I do believe a great company that stands by its values and purpose, would of course give these things to their employees

Lastly, you have helped in the most important way anyone can be helped. We have started the Valhalla Leadership Training Course. As our team grows nothing matters more than learning the skills of leadership and communication. Great companies and leaders need ongoing educational training.

As our front-line employees grow into larger leadership roles, they must have the skills to help others grow. We have created a vicious cycle of humility, discipline, and commitment. Rather than complaining that “kids today are lazy” we have taken the approach to systematically change the way our youth views work. 

All of this is thanks to you. The customer. Trusting us with your fitness goals. Thus, allowing us to help more people across our great state to help even more people achieve what they never knew was possible.

Again, thank you and we will see you again soon.

–  The Viking


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