Do Women Need Different Exercises?

Muscles Aren’t Male or Female


When it comes to building strength, women do not need different exercises than men, and here’s why.

Two of the biggest buzzwords thrown around in the fitness industry today are “bulky” and “toned.”  

In fact, a lot of women come into our store telling us they are scared of strength training because they don’t want to bulk up, get beefy and look like the hulk.  

Our answer is the same every time: muscles aren’t male or female!

 While women’s bodies are built differently than males, all muscles look and function the same way. Generally speaking, there is no reason women need to perform different exercises than men. 


What Does “Toning” Really Mean?


When a woman says she wants to “tone up,” what she really means is that she wants to build strength, gain lean muscle mass, and increase her metabolic rate.  

In order to do that, regardless of your gender, you need to start lifting heavy in the gym. 

Slowly increasing your resistance training by adding more weight is going to burn your fat storage, replacing it with lean muscle mass, and giving you that more “toned” look. 

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy in the gym, ladies!

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Can I Target Specific Areas of the Body?


A lot of women go into the gym with specific goals on what they want to accomplish. For example, building a booty, slimming down thighs, tightening the stomach, etc.

Because of this, women can program their workouts differently than men, targeting certain muscle groups in their workouts to achieve the look they want.

However, this does not mean you can target where exactly fat loss is coming from. What you can target are the muscle groups you desire to get stronger and the frequency you train them.



Muscles are muscles, no matter whose body they are inside of. Train them, love them, grow them. 

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