A Breakdown of Post-Workout Nutrition

Peak Nutrition Post Workout Breakdown


Post-workout nutrition is crucial to getting the most out of your workouts, and here’s why.

After intense exercise, your muscles are depleted from their fuel resources (specifically glucose and protein) and need some replenishment in order to recover and repair.

However, this does not mean it’s time to hit the drive-thru and grab a burger to fuel up.

Here’s the breakdown of what we recommend at Peak Nutrition to maximize your post-workout nutrition.


Whey Isolate


Sometimes after a hard workout, it can feel exhausting to cook a high-protein meal, and it can even be hard for your body to digest solid food.

If you struggle eating right after a workout, we recommend getting a Whey Protein Isolate supplement that will give you the important post-workout nutrition needed in under 60 seconds.

Drinking whey protein isolate after your training sessions will help with faster muscle recovery and growth due to the activation of muscle protein synthesis.

In simple terms, muscle protein synthesis is the process of building muscle mass.

Since whey isolate is easy to digest and doesn’t add any extra stress to the gut, this is your best bet for getting in your post-workout nutrition.

Recommended Whey Protein Isolate Supplement: 1st Phorm Formula 1

We are the only store in Arizona that carries 1st Phorm products in store, so come by and let us help you pick the right one!

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Glucose and Post-Workout Carbs


The second piece to the post-workout nutrition puzzle is glucose, aka carbohydrates! 

Muscles main source of energy comes from glucose. When you train, your body breaks down all of the stored glucose (glycogen) in your muscles to use as fuel during your workouts. 

This means that after your workout, your body needs to replenish them! However, the type of carb you consume matters.  

Dextrose is proven to be absorbed into the bloodstream without needing to be digested first, which means it goes right into your muscles to restore your glycogen levels. 

Recommended Glucose Supplement: Ignition from 1st Phorm

Stop by one of our Peak Nutrition locations to speak with our experts if these products are right for you, and get you set up for optimal post-workout nutrition. 

If you found this blog helpful, make sure to follow us on Instagram @peakAZ for more tips and tricks, and come visit us at one of our store locations!

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