What Should I Eat After The Gym?

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January 19, 2021

Post Workout Nutrition Options


Here’s a topic I hear people debating on all the time. What should I eat after the gym? Now of course the bodybuilders who have been working out and doing their routine for awhile now will argue that their way is best. After all it’s proven to work with them right? Today’s science and further understanding of what is going on in your body after a workout has really helped clear up a few things. We now have a better understanding of what our bodies need after the workout we just did. So today’s blog is going to be a little insightful on this topic and what’s been scientifically proven to show you results. Let’s dig in!

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How Important Is Post Workout Nutrition?


What comes to mind when you think of working out? Do you dread the thought of even walking into the gym? Do you get excited about the gnarly pump you’re about to get? Do you just want to get that workout over with as quickly as possible?

So many things may be going through your mind. So many people think about what to do before the gym and what to do while at the gym. How many people ask themselves what to do after the gym though? If you’re anything like me, I never even knew I was supposed to do anything after the gym. I figured, like I see so many people do, I’d just go make a protein shake and call it a day.

What I didn’t know was that what you do after you workout is actually almost more important than what you do before! It can maximize the results you get from your workout. So I’m here to share this much needed information with you.


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What Type Of Protein Shake Is The Best For Post Workout?


The most common thing you probably hear people talk about after working out is how they’re going to drink their protein shake. Some people even get a little too excited about this post workout meal. I might be one of those people.

However, not all protein shakes are ideal for you after a workout. So what protein shake do you take and more importantly, what do you add to it? Before I address that, let’s first talk about what happens to your body after a workout and what it looks to do.

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During and for a short while after a workout your body is in an anabolic state. Meaning that you’re building and maintaining muscle mass. A lot of things are happening in your body while exercising. The rate at which the kidneys filter blood can change depending on your level of exertion.

After intense exercise, the kidneys allow greater levels of protein to be filtered into the urine. They also trigger better water reabsorption, resulting in less urine, in what is likely an attempt to help keep you as hydrated as possible. So if you’re in this state for at most 30-45 minutes after a workout then doesn’t it make sense to have a shake that is fast absorbing as well.


Protein Isolate, Post Workout Glucose & Water


So this is the fun part, making your protein shake! In this case less is more. We’re talking about a shake that’s fast absorbing so your body can utilize it quickly. Now I know how delicious those protein shakes are that you buy at stores. However a lot of those are actually slow digesting and the opposite of what we want here.

Those store shakes are great for a snack during the deal or a small meal but not for post workout. You want to keep it simple with a protein isolate (most broken down form of protein with no lactose or fats), a post workout glucose (most broken down form of a carb) and water. Yup, that is all.

The water part is extremely important because if you add something like almond milk or yogurt those have fats in it and have turned the shake slow digesting. Which once again is the exact opposite of what we want!

This proper post workout will help give your body back the energy you just used by shuffling the nutrients back into the cells and using the protein to help repair those muscles!


post workout glucose, carbs and protein peak nutrition

So keep it simple and get those most out of your workout and take a proper post workout shake! Three ingredients is all you need! Once again less is more and let’s be honest, who really enjoys throwing a bunch of things in a blender and chugging down a thick shake after a workout? I know I don’t.


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