What Micronutrient Supplements Do I Need?

What Are Micronutrients?


There is a reason why micronutrients don’t get talked about much on social media. If you look up the top fitness models, they are talking about pre workouts, BCAA’s, protein bars, energy drinks, etc. The reason those products get talked about is because they make money. People get paid with those are bought. Which doesn’t make them bad… they can be very helpful, but no one ever took a pre-workout that transformed their life. But a really good fish oil? Over a long time? We’re talking about a serious increase in life extension, decrease in cancer, increase in heart health.

So, let’s get into it. What are micronutrients? Like the name implies, these are the small compounds that make up what we eat. And by small we mean “they don’t have calories”. Macro nutrients on the other hand are the compounds that have calories. I’m sure you’ve heard of people saying they are “counting their macros”. That’s because macro nutrients are protein, carbs, and fat. The stuff that makes up our food.

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Micronutrients are everything in between that is fundamental to life. Vitamins and minerals make up most of the micronutrients, but we also have electrolytes and trace minerals. All of these it’s important to note are ESSENTIAL to living. You cannot survive without them. And in our modern day in age, we eat fewer and fewer.

When was the last time you ate a full serving of fruits and vegetables at every meal in a day? I’m going to say never… I’m joking but it is very rare. Mostly we eat tan and brown colored foods. Burger, bread, fries, gravy, turkey, potato chips, Reese’s, peanut butter.  Not that there’s anything wrong with these foods. In moderation they are all very good for you. But vitamins and essential micronutrients are in colorful foods… i.e., fruits and vegetables.

Now more than ever our body is starving for them. And yes, the best answer is to eat more fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish all the good stuff. But the reality is you and I are not going to completely change all our eating habits right today. So, we need help. We are all very consistent about getting in your morning coffee and energy drinks. But if you were that diligent with a multi vitamin, fish oil, greens powder, then you probably wouldn’t be reaching for that Starbucks every day. 


Micronutrient Supplements


I’m going to be very direct, every single person reading this would massively improve their health, their recovery, their alertness, their concentration, their energy levels by simply adding to pills in the morning. A fish oil with a high dose of DHA and EPA (two very specific essential fatty acids) and a full spectrum multivitamin.

Imagine how long you’ve been going without these. All that time running in a deficit when you could be operating at 100% for only a couple of bucks a month. And talking about price, you do not need the most expensive crazy products on the planet. You need a multivitamin that is encapsulated, that means its a soft pill you can squeeze. The “one a day” vitamins that are like hard rocks are not easily digested and therefore are not being properly utilized. Buck up and get a quality product you will see results from.

When it comes to the fish oil make sure the brand uses actual fish oil. ALOT of companies try to get away with sunflower oil. And it’s not the same. Your body does not get those essential fatty acids from that flower. It needs to be a cold-water fish, krill and Alaskan cod are your two best bets.

At Peak Nutrition, we call these two products the foundations of the hierarchy of needs. If you want more information about what brands are the best to use come on in or give us a call. We’d love nothing more than that chatting with you.

red peppers for a capsaicin nutrition blog

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