Weight Loss Tips, Capsaicin & Curb Cravings

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January 5, 2021

Capsaicin & Weight Loss Tips


Have you ever thought about losing a little bit of weight. Maybe you just want to drop a little bit of body fat in that problematic area. In today’s society there are so many different “tools” that can help with this. There are people in your ear left and right saying what works best and which plans or supplements are guaranteed to work. Well, if you’re like most people you just want results and you want them as quickly as possible! So in this blog I’m going to be covering a few things when it comes to weight loss and how to achieve the results you want. These few paragraphs will be talking about things you really want to look for in any supplements you take and even how a little science behind why some things work better than others! So take 5 minutes and let me help educate you and hopefully help you achieve your weight loss goals!


We’ve all heard this term used and to most people it sounds scary; Appetite Suppressant. Many of us have thought about taking them and some of us even have! What actually is an appetite suppressant though? What does it do? What makes it really work and how do I know it’s working? Well let’s dig into this and figure out what really is an appetite suppressant. I don’t know about you but many people have many answers for these questions so I’m here to help break them down a bit for you!


Say you have a special occasion coming up or you’ve just decided that you want to start living a healthier lifestyle. What do you do? Well most people, including myself, would go into a supplement store and look for things that say “weight loss” or “fat burners”. We’re shown on tv and told by friends and family everywhere that if you take this magic pill you will drop 10 lbs quickly. After all if it worked for them it should work for you right? How do all these things work though? Well I can tell you this, if you’re actually seeing results from the product you’re taking, chances are it has Capsaicin in it. This is one of the best things you can be consuming if your ultimate goal at this time is to drop a few unwanted pounds.



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What Is Capsaicin?


It’s a very common ingredient found specifically in peppers and is what gives them that spicy kick! So why put it in a weight loss supplement? Well by ingesting Capsaicin you’re allowing this product to aid in your weight loss journey. Capsaicin has been scientifically proven to speed up your metabolism, which of course will help you burn more calories! In the case of trying to lose weight the more calories you can burn the better! To top that off, it’s going to also suppress or curb your appetite. This ingredient makes you feel full faster so you’re less likely to continue eating and has shown to curb cravings as well! If you’re eating less and craving less then chances are you’re burning body fat because now you’re consuming less calories than your body is burning and that’s the key!


So appetite suppressants aren’t so scary after all. Especially when there’s Capsaicin involved. You’re able to burn a few extra calories while you’re consuming less calories which is the perfect equation for fast loss; burning more calories than consuming! So the next time you’re ready to kick start that living healthier lifestyle or just want to look great for your sister’s wedding, go look for a weight loss product that has an appetite suppressant in it. Be sure Capsaicin is in it for seeing the best results! We recommened 1-DB Goddess and 1-DB Overdrive, stop in our store or call us for further clarity on which one is right for you.



Always keep in mind though that these products help aid in the weight loss journey and won’t do it all by itself! As always nutrition is the key to weight loss. If you can monitor how many calories you’re consuming and be sure you’re burning more than consuming it is physically impossible for you to not drop weight. That’s because now that you’re in a caloric deficit your body is forced to find other calories in your body which it will target either your muscles or fat cells to get those! 


If you’re trying to keep your muscle then be sure to eat about your weight in grams of protein and then your body will more likely go after your fat cells to find those extra calories. After all that’s what we want. I don’t know about you but I’d rather lose weight by getting rid of my body fat then losing muscle and strength. Plus it gives you that “toned” look everyone is constantly looking for! So there’s the keep or the magic in losing weight. Find a supplement that has capsaicin in it, monitor your calorie intake which won’t be too hard now that you’re not eating as much, and be sure to eat your protein!


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