Thyroid Health Explained

How Does My Thyroid Affect My Health?


It’s been talked about for a long time and you hear about it almost every day. If it’s not from our own family and friends then it’s the news, the radio the tv or even a billboard telling us about it. That “it” is how to be healthier or live a healthier lifestyle. With today’s access to information on how to do just that, it can be completely overwhelming figuring out the best way to get and be healthy.

In this blog I’m going to talk about one thing that’s usually overlooked. It’s that simple yet complex organ in your body called your Thyroid. Take a few minutes and learn what it does and natural products that can help it stay in tip top shape!


chart of whole foods that are high in Branch chain amino acids

Thyroid & Metabolism


Healthy diets, healthy exercises, healthy foods, health fasting times, these are many things we hear about in today’s world. What many, not all, but many companies don’t talk about is what exactly we’re making healthy. Sure we’ve all heard that eating cheerios is good for keeping a healthy heart and lowering bad cholesterol. Oh and you want to stay fit and active to make sure you have a high metabolism so you burn more calories throughout your day.

What is a metabolism though? In fact, what even controls my metabolism. Well that’s the organ I’d like to talk about; your thyroid! Then what can we take to keep it running like a well oiled machine!

chemical breakdown of 3 branch chain amino acids

Now if you’ve read my previous blogs then you should already know what this organ does! Did you know that the thyroid plays a major role in our metabolism? That thing that is said to help use loose weight when working properly. Besides that, it actually helps a lot with the growth and development of our bodies and regulates many functions that go on inside our bodies.

How does it do this you may ask? The thyroid releases a steady amount of thyroid hormones (T3 & T4)  into our bloodstream. These hormones play a role in our weight, energy levels, our internal temperature, as well as the growth of our hair, skin, nail and many other things. So as you can see the thyroid handles many important jobs in our bodies! So what can I take to help keep it happy?


One of the best and natural supplements I’ve found that really helped make a difference for me was once called Thyro-Drive. Thyro-Drive is specifically formulated to target the issues of stress that lead to an inactive thyroid and improper thyroid hormone production within the human body.

Let’s face it, we all deal with stress on a day to day basis, whether it be from physical stress like a laboring job or going to the gym or even mental stress. Its powerful formula is designed to help naturally and safely optimize thyroid function by delivering the raw materials your body needs to help stimulate that T3 and T4 thyroid hormone production. When you increase T3 and T4 this leads to optimal thyroid function in your body and helps raise your body’s basal metabolic rate as well as core body temperature, leading to a dramatic increase in daily caloric expenditure. What I like about it most is that Thyro-Drive is able to naturally enhance your body’s energy levels, but does not affect your central nervous system in any way and can be taken day or night without fear of jitters or restless nights. Because of this, it is ideal for people with sensitivity issues to caffeine or other central nervous stimulants.

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Metabolism, Diet & Nutrients


Honestly it doesn’t matter what your goal is with your fitness right now. If you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight making sure your metabolism is working properly is an absolute must! Of course your next major thing to look at would be your diet and if you’re getting the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals! Which is why I always suggest taking a multivitamin to help fill in those gaps!

So if you happen to have thyroid issues right now I would say look into this supplement and if you are just trying to keep your thyroid in tip top shape I would say look into taking this supplement. After all if I can take something simple to help make sure I’m staying as healthy as can be then by all means sign me up! Like optimize our health but by starting at a smaller level.

We’ll work on the next steps later when the energy starts getting back up there, which remember that comes from having a happy thyroid! So here’s to happy and properly functioning thyroids!

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